3D modelling and BIM

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D visualization create virtual models of objects. BIM is a versatile 3D model methodology that provides architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with the most efficient tools for planning, designing, constructing, and managing buildings and infrastructure.

Our Process

It is important to note that we do not expect our customers to have a complete overview of the exact 3D modelling and BIM that they would like. Therefore, we are interested in being a part of the initial thoughts on your challenges, and how you envision 3D modelling and BIM to optimize your workflow and tasks.

After laying the groundwork for the type of 3D modelling required, our data consultants assist in gathering and mapping data which form the basis of the models. Drawings, images and dimensional properties form the geometrical foundation, which is followed by identifying the cornerstones of the data anchoring the data to the models.

When the data has been prepared, the modelling begins, creating different resolutions to different solutions, and possibly adding skins to the models, depending on what the end-goal is. Different solutions require different levels of complexity, all of which our designers and programmers are able to do.

We deliver models in whichever system is needed and are very agile in the requirements for our customers. It is important for us to deliver accurate and exact solutions in a fast-paced manner. The teamwork between our data consultants and designers ensure these deliveries every time.

We continuously work with improving and implementing changes as experiences are added from the real world.

We work with all types of hardware and software and are not limited in this capacity. We utilize whatever provides the best solution for our customer.

How Does This Benefit You?

Our work with creating BIM content for Grundfos and their Hydro Booster products exemplified the use of our skillset. Our data consultants assisted the teams in cleaning and handling data, mapping parameters and anchoring the data in Grundfos’ systems. Our visual engineer created the BIM content for Grundfos’ customers, enabling them to plan building projects efficiently.

Kanda’s work with BIM was quick and precise. We were able to deliver intelligent models to our customers, enabling them to plan building project efficiently and with all the necessary data for success.
— Chris Sjørup, Senior Product Specialist, Grundfos

Our BIM work allowed Grundfos to gain models for their customers, and, at the same time, review their data in order to optimize processes for future BIM creation. As more models were created, the process became increasingly fast-paced and efficient. New deliveries could be completed within a few days.

BIM is a great tool for planning building projects, and it requires precise and thorough work. We found that Kanda provided this exact service. They not only provided the files, but also assisted in gathering the needed data and validating the contents of the files.
— Torben Uhrenholt, Lead Product Development Engineer, Grundfos